Thursday, May 02, 2013

Beachwood Cafe: How many forks did it get in the Los Feliz Ledger?

The new interior was designed by Barbara Bestor, with painted tiles similar to Intelligentsia

The Village Coffee Shop got a big update when ex-Millie's and Edendale owner Patti Peck turned it into the Beachwood Cafe. So how's it faring? Let's see how many forks it rated in the May Los Feliz Ledger. Read the review here and pick up a copy for the full review. Here's an excerpt.
Roast jidori chicken with cauliflower puree and housemade cranberry sauce is a low-cal option

At breakfast, black rice congee with ham hock and fried egg ($10) is a successful Asian-styled dish, with plenty of crispy pork cubes and shreds enriching a comfortingly murky broth inflected with pickled jalapenos. The Beachwood CafĂ© is a fine spot for the laid-back ladies and gentlemen of the canyons and their well-dressed offspring to hang out. And it’s always a treat to have a meal in one of L.A.’s secluded canyon restaurants.

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