Friday, March 01, 2013

How many forks did Silver Lake's Black Hogg get in the Los Feliz Ledger?

Popcorn bacon: fun for a bite or two, but pork fatigue may set in
Like nearly everything else these days, the Los Feliz Ledger restaurant review is online-only this month. Here's an excerpt from this month's review of super-trendy gastropubbish Black Hogg on Sunset Blvd. Read the full review here, and find out how many forks Black Hogg got.

Black Hogg’s chef is fond of big, assertive flavors that occasionally overpower the ingredients. For the most part though, the cooking is full of fun flavors from all over the globe—Vietnamese banh mi, meet Filipino lechon or pork belly tacos. But rather than seeming disjointed, it’s more like a gastropub that took a stroll down Sunset Boulevard taking in influence from each restaurant along the way.
If there’s a signature dish, it’s got to be popcorn bacon, cubes of pork lightly breaded and fried with a maple cream sauce—fine for the table to share, though the sauce could use a sharper note of mustard or vinegar to cut the rich bacon.
Black Hogg's buttery lamb burger
The buttery lamb burger is a decadently successful combo of Onetik blue cheese, pickled spicy onions and lamb ground with butter, while Indian-spiced scallop, potato and octopus chana masala teeters on the edge of too spicy and too salty. Brussels sprout hash also uses cubes of roasted potato to good advantage, where they coalesce into a kind of elevated breakfast dish with bacon vinaigrette and a poached egg.


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