Monday, August 06, 2012

Hoy Ka Thai Noodles: Familiar flavors with a new name

BBQ pork over rice, Hoy Ka
 BBQ trio of pork over rice

The Thai town restaurant scene is constantly evolving, and though old favorites like Jitlada, Sapp and Ruen Pair are still going strong, it's always worth checking out the newer -- or renamed -- entries. Formerly Ord Noodles, now spiffed up with a new sign and known as Original Hoy Ka, it doesn't really matter because the Hollywood Blvd. joint is still cheap, friendly and packed with the Thai flavors Angelenos love. I haven't been to Crispy Pork Gang a few doors down yet, but in the meantime the BBQ pork over rice will provide the week's dose of Vitamin P, as FoodGPS would have it. Barbecue pork covered in neon red sauce, slices of Thai sausage and perfectly fried nuggets of chicharon result in a porcine trifecta that's a bit on the sweet side but can be customized to your liking with the accompanying bowl of broth, jalapeno-spiked sweet soy sauce and the well-stocked chile condiments tray. Drunken noodles with shrimp, Hoy Ka Drunken noodles are a textbook rendition, with a medium amount of wok hey and a medium amount of chiles melding into a maximum amount of flavor. tom kha kai soup, Hoy Ka Tom kha kai is slicked with more red oil than the average cauldron and is milder than the medium spice order requested, but it's still a fine bowl of coconut, galangal and kaffir lime-scented happiness. Hoy Ka serves up approachable Thai food, nothing too scary here, but solid renditions of favorite dishes make it a popular stop for either lunch or dinner up to midnight -- just bring cash, though you won't need much.
Hoy Ka Noodle
5402 Hollywood Blvd.

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99 Cent Chef said...

I'm there...thanks Pat ;-p

Food GPS said...

Good one, Pat. Thanks for the Dose of Vitamin P shoutout, and for the suggestion. A pork trio that's almost within walking distance? Count me in.

Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! EXCELLENT photos, Pat. I want to go to there!

bill said...

Damn you, your blog keeps exposing my fave places...but conversely, you've turned me onto a lot of places too. Thanks