Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Hill reviewed in the Los Feliz Ledger

Burrata salad (via BoyMeetsGirlMeetsFood)
Blogs and Yelp have speeded up the review process so that restaurants are often subjected to thorough scrutiny just days after opening. Print reviewers like S. Irene Virbila traditionally wait at least three months, though that waiting period seems to be going the way of the star system. EatingLA likes to try the latest thing as much as the next blogger, but in the case of Red Hill we waited a decorous two months to make sure they had all their ducks in a row. It's not the most relaxing spot, but the food was good enough to earn the Echo Park spot three forks. (At the Los Feliz Ledger, we're keeping our forks, since restaurants are rated on a scale of how good they are for the neighborhood, not the entire city.)
Here's an excerpt from the Ledger's review:
The food makes up for the (lack of) view, with an ever-changing menu of about a dozen small plates including salads, vegetables and flatbreads ($7-$13), three pasta, and half a dozen mains ($13-$20).
While every restaurant now serves a burrata salad, this one stands out, with an unusual beet green pesto, perfectly dressed, slightly bitter frisee and red endive offsetting the silky cheese. Cauliflower with pine nuts and chile aioli earns raves from everyone who orders it. It’s easy to get tips on the best dishes, because the tables are packed together tightly—good for forging new friendships and food recommendations, not as good for private conversation or intimacy.
For vegetarians there are offerings including rapini and buttery gnocchi paired with fava beans and pecorino.
Entrees are a touch more mainstream like crispy halibut with fregola and heartier offerings of stout braised lamb, spit roasted chicken and apple cider pork shank.
I didn't take pictures because it was very dark, but here's a blog called Boy Meets Girl Meets Food that posted some nice ones of nearly all the same things we ordered.


Alex and Priya said...

Thanks for featuring our photos! Glad they came in handy.

Christie said...

I live in Highland Park, and I find myself in Echo Park often to go over to Red Hill. It is my new favorite place in Echo Park. The menu changes often, and there is something for everyone. For a fair price you get seasonal, high-quality food and good, sharable portions. My friends and I are all singing its praises.

Suzy said...

Love , Love, Love ,LOVE this place. Walked in this week on a random Monday night with out a clue. An explosion of happiness for me. Who cares about the view? I was too busy praising and eating.