Friday, February 03, 2012

Abricott is a juicy choice for Pasadena

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Is this the coziest lunch spot in all of Pasadena?

You can mostly forget Old Town Pasadena for decent food, but thank goodness, other areas of town such as Lake Ave. are starting to really improve with solid casual spots like Cham Korean Bistro.
Daisy Mint was one of the first of such nouveau Pasadena spots, and now the same owners have opened Abricott.
Abricott detail

With two hours of free parking in the giant lot behind and a roomy patio in front, this is a fine location for a charmingly decorated, versatile French/Asian-influenced cafe with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will help if you're a pork belly fan, since the piggy treat is available in two smoky banh mi style sandwiches, as an entree or added atop a burger.
pork belly sandwich The menu has more Western dishes than Daisy Mint's, but still with Asian touches. At the table next to us, some people had beef pho, while others had chicken curry and one had a strawberry-banana waffle with whipped cream for lunch. Breakfast is served to 3 pm every day, with choices including Eggs Benedict with ham or smoked salmon; Vietnamese style sizzling eggs with soy, green onion, baguette and curried potatoes; waffles or croque monsieur and madame.
trout/papaya salad
Grilled trout and green papaya salad (above) was simple but healthy and refreshing, while the spicy pork belly sandwich ($8) packed a kick with kimchi tucked into the baguette. Baked goods include the signature apricot croissant, which I'm sure I'll be back to try, and some winsome tarts and crumbles. At dinner, steak and other heartier dishes join the menu. (Daisy Mint has no corkage, so it's possibly Abricott will have the same policy.)
The decor is adorable, with lots of books, mirrors, picture frames and chandeliers warming up the former Koo Koo Roo location. A private dining room in the back would be just the place for a small party or work lunch.
See breakfast and lunch menus and more photos here.

Abricott 238 S. Lake Ave. Pasadena

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Food GPS said...

A couple years back,that stretch of Lake looked like it was drying up. Seems like it's rebounding. Good write-up.

Smoke Deter said...

Looks like a very nice meal !

H. C. said...

I have high hopes for Abricott, esp. since Daisy Mint is a fairly solid standby for me. Alas, my pork belly sandwich came out awry (namely, burnt to a crisp.)

Still, I look forward to giving them another try or so, after they work out the kinks.

Anonymous said...

My guy & I went for dinner and came back a few days later for breakfast/lunch. Both meals were spectacular. I had the pho noodle soup for dinner and the Nicoise salad for lunch. He has the chicken with in the coconut curry sauce and it was actually even a bit more tender than the similar version at which they serve at Daisy Mint. (Otherwise, it's a different menu. But, this one's a keeper , so I can see why they choose to also serve it at Abricott.)
We are thrilled that the owners of Daisy Mint opened this new place, since they know how to cook everything to perfection.
Also, great staff and the friendliest busser/server who is also a student of culinary arts. Don't know his name, but he'll happily tell you what's popular on the menu.