Friday, January 27, 2012

L & E Oyster Bar: Silver Lake gets its oysters

Apparently the people of Silver Lake have spoken, and they've asked for...oysters? It's hard to say if an oyster bar was exactly what was needed in the former Domenico's and Michelangelo spot, but judging from the crowds of the first few nights, it was a popular choice. Dustin Lancaster and Matt Kaner of buzzing Los Feliz wine bar Bar Covell have transplanted their approachable wine and beer list and unfussy approach to L & E Oyster Bar, a casual spot with a tightly edited, oyster-centric menu. Oysters come from nearby (Carlsbad, Baja) or far away (Washington, Virgina) and they run around $2.50-$3 each or $28 a dozen. They're fresh as can be, served with cocktail sauce, mignonette, fresh grated horseradish and lemon, and go down well with a crisp muscadet.
Oysters are available raw, steamed, grilled, fried and fried in a sandwich. Other shellfish include steamed mussels and clam chowder, while the bivalve-averse can choose from a skirt steak sandwich ($18), blackened catfish plate ($16), salads or Cajun shrimp pie.
The Bar Covell guys transformed the space quickly, adding a long bar down one side of the small room, about 10 tables inside with a few wine racks and lighted signs spelling out the provenance of the oysters. Industrial chic lighting fixtures and a few nautical knick knacks complete the quickie makeover. Like the restaurants before L & E, the patio is a desirable spot, but now the bar also offers extra seating.
So L & E stands for...Lox and eggs, in a nod to the possibility of brunch in the future? Lancaster and Eastside? Left coast and East coast? Up to you to decide.
 L & E Oyster Bar
1637 Silver Lake Blvd
(323) 660-2255

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