Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pubbing it through Hollywood at Blue Boar

The Blue Boar sports the Union Jack
It would probably take a major earthquake to dislodge the venerable barflies from their spots at Ye Old Cat 'n Fiddle -- I'm pretty sure some of the patrons were stuck to the furniture when the Cat crawled down from Laurel Canyon.
But if you're up for a newer pub experience in Hollywood, Curtis Nysmith's Blue Boar is just a wee laddie of one month old but already has a lived-in pub feel. Just a few doors down from the Burgundy Room on Cahuenga, the Boar has taps of Old Speckled Hen, London Pride, Blackthorn Cider et al, and a menu that marries traditional pub food with L.A. preferences -- think sausage pasties with chicken sausage, Scotch eggs made with chicken sausage, bangers and mash with -- you guessed it, chicken bangers. With an upstairs dart lounge and more games up front, it's a festive scene that would make a good stop before the ArcLight or Egpytian Theater, even if you're not a dedicated Hollywood bar crawler. Always an Anglophile, I'm liking the push for more Brit-focused bars, like Pasadena's King's Row and now Blue Boar, which plays all British artists on the sound system, from Gary Numan to Rod Stewart.
Blue Boar Pub
1615 N. Cahuenga


carter said...

I thought Curtis was going to convert the place to 3Dog Cantina, but I guess not...

Anonymous said...

3Dog will be directly next door to Blue Boar.

Anonymous said...

Bud Light? On the chalk menu? Disqualified.