Saturday, March 05, 2011

Berlin Currywurst...Ich bin ein Silverlaker

paprikawurst -- pork sausage with paprika and garlic

No, EatingLA is not still reporting from Berlin. In a strange, curry-flavored bit of serendipity, while I was wandering around Berlin without ever getting the timing right to try the local specialty of currywurst, Berlin ex-pats Hardeep and Lena Manak and Haike Buentemeyer were opening Berlin Currywurst in the former pupuseria next to Pazzo Gelato in the heart of Sunset Junction. The compact space has been revamped with large black and white photos of Berlin, old school chairs, large glass bottles of curry powder and filament light bulbs. A small outdoor patio provides a bit more seating.
But what is currywurst, which became popular in Berlin after the war and spread to both East and West sides of the divided city? Currywurst is a sausage sliced, doused in a curry-flavored tomato sauce and sprinkled with curry powder.
Berlin icons like the bear symbol and the TV tower decorate the room

At Berlin Currywurst, choose from seven types of sausage including the traditional bratwurst and bockwurst, beef with cheese and jalapenos, chicken and tofu. Then choose a heat level for the ketchup -- #3 has a slow but significant burn, while #4 comes with a stern warning. If you like, add extra flavors themed to Berlin neighborhoods -- my favorite neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg corresponds to fruity, while edgy Kreuzberg is chipotle-tinged. The menu is simple -- the only sides are fries, but sauteed onions or jambalaya can be added on top. While beer would make a good companion to the deliciously salty, spicy and fatty flavors, Hardeep said the space is just too small to apply for a liquor license. It's a shame, since in Berlin, even the tiniest food stalls and trucks serve beer and the country doesn't seem to come to a complete stop just because a sausage shop doesn't have two bathrooms. So how are the currywurst? The sausage is top quality all-natural meat with a hearty porky flavor. I think personally I prefer my sausages with mustard, but my dining companions were very pleased with the housemade ketchup. A currywurst with bread and sauce is $5.89, while fries are $3.49. Hardeep told me the German brown bread is made specially for the restaurant by an eccentric German baker who has been experimenting with the recipe for several months to get it just right.
Get the fries with onions for even more impact
I love well-cooked fries and these are extremely brown, almost too brown but still wonderful with a hit of mayo and some browned bits of onions. Berlin Currywurst is a fun and affordable addition to Silver Lake, with friendly owners who take the time to get to know their customers, which strangely enough doesn't happen often with new places.
Berlin Currywurst
(closed Mondays)
3827 W. Sunset Blvd.


Broadway Reviewed said...

The fries with the onions look amazing. The only thing missing from them is garlic to compliment both the fries and the Currywurst above. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The fries do have garlic, and they're so, soooo good. This place is awesome. Haven't had the currywurst yet, but if it's as good as the fries then you're in for a treat.

Josephenecat said...

Recently changed their fries and what a sad change it has been! Im really disappointed because they had become my favorite fries in the whole city. I think the change is in what they're fried in but obviously I dont really know. Change them back please they used to be so delicious!