Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mix 'n Munch: A little bit of Graceland right in South Pasadena

South Pasadena's Mix 'n Munch fits its small community well: very child-friendly, unpretentious and a bit quirky. It's not really a destination spot, more of a place for parents to take hungry kids after soccer practice or for laptop-wielding folks to catch a bite while studying. But we liked Mix 'n Munch's homey grilled sandwiches, which are reasonably-priced and reasonably-sized, in contrast to the giant, pricey sandwiches at other restaurants that seem to use a pound of cheese in each one.

Cereal bins are behind the counter; choose 2 scoops of cereal and 2 mix-ins for $3.75
No, we didn't try the cereal -- I don't care how creatively they combine the choices, I'm not paying $4 for a bowl of cold cereal. But the kids and teens seem to appreciate the custom mixes like the Rock 'n Roll Circus Bowl and the Cookie Bowl (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams and crushed Oreos). Along with the grilled cheese sandwiches, there's Tater Tots, tomato soup, oatmeal, yogurt parfaits and grilled dessert sandwiches like the Fluffernutter.

A cereal characters-meet-South Pas landmarks mural sets the tone for the casual wi fi-equipped cafe a few steps from the Gold Line's Mission Station. The staff is young and friendly, and though the concept still seems a little odd, South Pasadenians seem happy to have a reasonably-priced hangout.

Though the cheese could have been a little meltier in my smoked gouda, tomato and pesto sandwich, the price was right at under $5 and the counter-person complimented my fillings choices. Choose from sandwiches like a Breakfast grilled cheese, a Monte Cristo or a Turkey club, or create your own with fillings like bacon, spam, arugula, apple slices, or sauteed mushrooms with several types of cheese and bread.

The Elvis will work for breakfast or lunch: the King knew what he was doing by pairing peanut butter, bacon and banana. Dessert sandwiches -- or any sandwiches -- can also be made on breads from Bicycle Bread Company, an artisanal bakery near USC specializing in whole grain breads with raisins, cranberries and more.
Mix 'n Munch
1005 Mission Street, Unit A
South Pasadena
 (626) 441-8808


Aaron Tell said...

I misread the headline as a "Taste of Greenland" and got excited for some herring and other specialties, but Graceland works too.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Aaron!

I'm lactose-intolerant so I don't know how I feel about this joint. Do they offer any vegan cheese specialties (even though most vegan cheeses are disgusting) and dairy-free "milk" choices?

Pat Saperstein said...

That's a good question, they do have soy milk and Lactaid, but I'm not sure about the vegan cheeses. However, the Elvis and some of the other dessert sandwiches have no cheese.

Anonymous said...

The dairyfree milk choices are $0.60 extra. Charging extra for soy is so 90s!

Food GPS said...

Yeah, it's hard to imagine ordering cereal at a restaurant, but the sandwiches look pretty good. Nice find, and that goes for Bicycle Bread Company too.

Anonymous said...

This is subject to some controversy, but I believe Elvis did NOT eat bacon in his sandwiches. Peanut butter and banana only, pan fried in butter.

I think they have been conflated with the tale of Elvis making a special plane voyage (circa 1975) to eat the "Fools' Gold Loaf" in Denver. (A restaurant called the Denver Mining Company.) That sandwich was peanut butter, jelly and well done bacon, in a hollowed-out Italian bread loaf.