Monday, September 06, 2010

Cookbook: Echo Park's new greengrocer features Zuni Cookbook this week

Happy shopper Beth with her Cookbook purchases

Cookbook is a charming little grocery that pretty much puts the seal on the gentrification of Echo Park. Owned by Marta Teegan, who is a gardener, chef and author, Cookbook is a greengrocer with a small but careful selection of organic fruits and vegetables, but it's much more than just produce: despite its small size, there's a smattering of all the things you've suddenly remember you needed.
A sweet idea: branches of Oregon blackberries for a vase
Of course exquisitely-selected foodstuffs don't come at Trader Joe's prices, but the prices seem fair for the quality. I managed to spend $40 in a heartbeat, but I came home with a full bag of olive oil, red wine vinegar, Maldon salt, aged gouda, a deeply flavored cantaloupe, a bass confit on walnut bread sandwich and a baguette baked by the folks at HeirloomLA, who also supply lasagna cupcakes, fresh pasta and sauce, cold salads and other prepared foods. 
A small but excellent selection of cheeses and butters
It's not easy to find decent bread on the east side of town, but Heirloom recently added a baker to help supply the businesses like Cookbook who need a better source of bread. 
Olive oil in bulk is reasonably priced (just don't leave it in a hot car - the cork might pop)
Each week, Teegen will choose a cookbook, and Heirloom will prepare dishes from the cookbook. This week: Zuni Cookbook.
A good selection of vegetables and herbs

Everything is impeccably sourced: Coffee comes from San Francisco's Sightglass, eggs from Teegen's favorite egg farm in Paso Robles, Strauss creamery milk, Dr. Bob's ice cream, Morning Glory brittle. I like that Cookbook is a local business that encourages people to actually cook instead of just buying coffee and cupcakes -- in fact I think every neighborhood could use a store like this. A Cookbook next to McCall's Meat and Fish, for example, would be the perfect combo!
1549 Echo Park Ave.
Open daily 8 am - 8 pm


Anonymous said...

I took a tomato growing class from Marta-I learned a lot and have a great crop this year, thanks in part to her tips. I wish I lived closer to her shop, I'd be in every day-I hope it thrives. We need more places like this.

Barbara said...

Unfortunately, my tiny budget won't allow me to be a frequent customer (maybe a twice-a-year splurge), but
I'm certainly happy to see this shop in the neighborhood and wish them the greatest of success.

brad said...

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Susan J. Beavers said...

Its cool to see so many great ingredients in one place! I wish Echo Park was closer! It would def help with my Joy of COoking food blog!

Anonymous said...

Quality ingredients in one place! Excellent! I wish Echo Park was closer as well. I live in greater LA... my only options ARE Trader Joe's and some local farmers' markets

Charles G Thompson said...

Another cool neighborhood place to check out that I didn't know about. Looks like a place I'll like a lot. Thanks!