Sunday, July 25, 2010

Street food comes to Angeli: Ricky's Fish Tacos on Monday

Ricky and his fish tacos
StreetGourmetLA's Bill Esparza is a street food experto and he knows his tacos like nobody's business. In fact, he conducted a fish taco task force last year where Ricky's Fish Tacos were named the top fish tacos in the area. In case you haven't found Ricky on the street in Silver Lake or in his new Virgil Ave. location, he'll be visiting Angeli Caffe Monday night and offering Ensenada fish and shrimp tacos for $3.00. It's a good chance to have beer with the tacos, as well as salads and Angeli desserts.

When: Monday, July 26, 6-10 pm
Where: Angeli Caffe, 7274 Melrose
What: Amazing Ensenada-style fish and shrimp tacos from Ricky


Kitvy said...

Tacos is the best. Love your sharing. Great post.

melekler korusun final said...

thank you