Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Las Perlas: It's tequila and mescal time Downtown

Poblano Escobar mescal cocktail at Las Perlas
Downtown nightlife impresario Cedd Moses continues his run of single-liquor spots with Las Perlas, a faux-funky tequila and mescal bar just across from the cocktail mecca of Varnish, Cole's and the Association. I stopped by last night for a tequila tasting on the patio sponsored by Citysearch, where I tried some caramelly Anejo in a lovely French crystal bottle from new-to-the U.S. La Firma.
We proceeded to the bar to try some cocktails from Las Perlas' nuevo cocktailo-style menu. Most of the drinks seemed pretty elaborate, with ingredients like pinot noir and port reduction. I wanted to start with something simpler, something like a margarita with a twist, so the bartender concocted a spot-on blackberry margarita ($10). Served on the rocks with a blackberry floating at the bottom, it was utterly drinkable, with an ideal balance between tart and sweet. We also tried the Poblano Escobar, made with mescal, a poblano chile, cumin and pineapple juice. The Sombra Oaxacan mescal used for the cocktail dances on the edge of overly smoky -- it's a veritable taco in a glass. Mine didn't pack much heat, so Citysearch's Charlie Amter kindly provided me with a dried red chile from the bar, which eventually soaked in and spiced it up nicely.
Las Perlas is one of the only spots in town to get a selection of quality, worm-less mescals, and it's a lively, informal watering hole. And if it makes you wish you were drinking in a real Mexican dive complete with chips and tacos, instead of a $12-a-drink Downtown bar, well, then, the better to plan your vacation.
Las Perlas
107 E. Sixth St.


Food GPS said...

"Taco in a glass"? I'll have to remember that one. Sounds like a good time at Las Perlas. The only thing you were missing was tamarind.

DailyChef said...

I don't usually do much tequila, but taco in a glass has me convinced!