Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cliff's Edge: reviewed in the Los Feliz Ledger

I don't always post my Los Feliz Ledger reviews because they're not written as blog entries, but as full reviews. And in case you're wondering about the three forks (out of four), I assess based on atmosphere and service as well as food, and against other restaurants in the Los Feliz area, not the whole city. That said, the food at Cliff's Edge is perfectly fine -- but of course it's the lovely back patio that makes it worth a trip. Here's an excerpt:
There’s no better place for a romantic dinner, and even casual gatherings of friends will appreciate the leafy rear patio with a giant ficus in the middle.
Open more than five years, Cliff’s Edge has settled in as a reliable date-night destination with solid, if not terribly special food.
On the Mediterranean menu, bistro classics like escargots and mussels meet up with Italian-inflected seafood risotto and pumpkin ravioli. A full page of rotating specials are worth a look, since some of the more creative dishes reside there.
Creamy burrata cheese makes a flavorful starter paired with tomatoes confit, polenta squares and a touch of pesto, while classic Caesar salad is crisp and fresh. Pappardelle noodles are topped with plenty of rich, satisfying braised oxtail. Traditional moules mariniere are available on the bar-only menu, but the mussels with tomato, fennel and Pernod on the regular menu are spiced with a bit too much kick.
Plenty of things would make Cliff’s Edge even better — an updated menu, good bread, better beer choices — but really, pourquoi? It’s pretty idyllic back there on the patio just as it is.

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rubiconvict said...

Why make the food better than it is? I don't understand that at all. With all due respect to you and your taste buds, Cliff's Edge gives far too little for far too much cash. I went twice. The first time, I just had the mussells appetizer and I was fine with it. You're right. A little over spiced, but fine. Wine selection was adequate. My wife had a pumpkin ravioli. It was way, way too sweet. Just poorly made ravioli. But you're right about the atmosphere. So pleasant. So, we went back again. With my family this time. And I was embarassed. Three of us had a fish dish. Two of the three were served cold. Maybe the fish was defrosted from frozen? Or maybe they let it sit too long. But for $30 a plate? I don't care how nice that monstrous ficus is, or how cushy the seats. The food should improve. Put it this way. I won't go back. There's simply no excuse for that. I live in Silverlake (walking distance down the hill to CLiff's Edge) and I'd rather drive ten or twenty miles for dinner than spned another hundred dollars for cold fish (and cold waiters, too, I might add). If they improved the food, though, I'm there. They're relying on the beauty of that patio a little too much I think. They should strive for more, or I'm pretty certain they won't last.

Kelly said...

The atmosphere at this place is great - I've been just to have a glass or two of wine. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable (okay, cute too!). I also had some friends get married there on a Saturday during the day in the patio area - a unique place for a special event!

Anonymous said...

The food was ok. (Pumpkin ravioli really needs re-working.) The patio is nice, but beware: people can smoke since it's outside and we had to move because of the annoying smoke drifting into our dinner. Why they can't make one section of the outdoors for smokers and the rest non-smoking is beyond me. Better yet, make it all non-smoking like the outdoor Alcove on Hillhurst.

HerbyN said...

i'm a fan of cliff's edge. my wife not so much, which is why i don't go more often, sadly, but for my money it's a decent value, above average food (for better you can go to canele or barbrix in the same general neighborhood), but the "atmosphere" is really what makes it unique. i recommend this place often.