Saturday, February 06, 2010

Silver Lake Farms: Fight for your right to grow fruits and flowers

The kale I got at my Silver Lake Farms gardening class is finally ready to eat, too! (photo LATimes/AP)

Silver Lake Farms' right to grow flowers and fruits for sale in the city of L.A. was spotlighted today on as well as nationwide via Associated Press. Go Tara! Currently, the 60 year old law is written to allow growing only vegetables for sale. Ah, but where do tomatoes fall? As Kolla says, it is really odd when the city of Los Angeles has made it easier to grow marijuana for sale than strawberries, or easier to open a pot clinic than a coffeehouse or bakery.
As to whether Kolla should be conducting business in a residential neighborhood, there area plenty of parking and business tax statutes that regulate that area already without arbitrary yes to lettuce, no to flowers laws.
Go to Urban Farming Advocates to learn more about the fight to keep the city of L.A. growing and supporting sustainable business.

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Silver Lake Farms said...

Thank you Pat! Trust me, the issue isn't parking... Have you ever watched an episode of the BBC sitcom "The Good Life?" It's hilarious!