Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Chong Quing opening on Valley Blvd.

There's another location of New Chong Quing opening at Valley and New Ave. in a modern-style building that once housed Corner House restaurant. Does anyone know if they're keeping the Las Tunas location, which is just a few miles away, or completely relocating to Valley Blvd.? Must get more dan dan noodles, soon!


Food GPS said...

That address has housed at least two restaurants in the last year, but the gaudy look hasn't changed. Hopefully New Chong Qing sticks. Seems like Sichuan food is at the height of its powers in the SGV at the moment.

Miles said...

Couldn't quite make out what that banner was for amid all the lights strung up on that building the other night. Now I know.