Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forage opens Friday in Town & Country bakery space

Silver Lake area residents looking for fresh, healthy food are likely to be thrilled about the arrival of Forage, near Pazzo Gelato in the old Town and Country Bakery space. Chef/owner Jason Kim was sous-chef at Lucques, so it sounds like he's got the food chops to make this space work much better than the previous tenant. Kim has a simple, market-driven menu with lots of salads and vegetable dishes like quinoa, cauliflower and walnuts or heirloom Cannellini beans; homemade baked goods and main dishes like Jidori chicken, Chimichurri-rubbed flank steak and lasagna with nettles and pork ragu. And don't worry, FoodGPS: Pork dishes continue with a Niman Ranch pork belly with fennel pickles.
Dishes are sized for easy family feeding in small, medium and large portions, or eat in the cafe with a main dish and two sides for $13 or three sides for $10. Also, there's Blue Bottle coffee!
Forage will be open for lunch and dinner, with great takeout potential too: Kim is even having an iPhone app designed for easy to-go ordering. After a friends and family soft opening tonight, Forage plans to open Friday - but call first just to make sure there's no last-minute hiccups.
Forage, 3823 West Sunset Blvd., (323) 667-3331


Food GPS said...

I was wondering what was happening in that space. Glad to hear it's so promising. Hopefully Kim won't limit his proteins to chicken.

Delicious Coma said...

Looks like the perfect place for the neighborhood. Did you notice they're also offering to buy produce from customers' backyards? Interesting.

Hobson's Choice said...
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Hobson's Choice said...

Meant to say that I was at Pazzo the other day and noticed the remodel going on. Thanks for letting us know what is happening with the space. Looks like it could be a fun addition to the area.