Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Pup Cafe in Venice

They just don't make them like this anymore. I'd eat a lot more hot dogs if they came from a place like the Pup Cafe on Washington Blvd. in Venice (or was it Culver City?) By the time I was born, there was only Tail 'O the Pup, and the Dog House in Santa Monica.
This photo was shot by Ansel Adams in 1940 and unearthed by Gerard Van der Leun.


Miles said...

Tail of the pup is still in storage. Wish they'd relocate that. I ate their often as a kid with my grandparents.

Ellen Bloom said...

I remember that place! Yup, it was on Washington Blvd....maybe that strip of Washington that calls itself Culver City, but is really Mar Vista. I ate there in the mid- 60's..on our way down to the newly dredged out Marina del Rey!

electrostatic air filters said...

People were more creative back then

David said...

@ electrostatic air filters

People were more creative back then"

Perhaps, but I find the picture a bit funny.

I grew up in San Diego, so I'm well aware when local institutions and favorite haunts go by the wayside--it often stings.

Happens all the time, unfortunately.

Maurice McDonell said...

It was called the "Hot Dog" when I was growing up three blocks away.

The "Pup" was located on Washington Blvd, at one time the only paved road in the viciity. All Concrete. The City of Culver City was a Gerrymander town that would allow naughty things to happen. There was Gambling, a Dog Racing Track and movie studios.
A Casino near MGM was called the "Old Plantation" owned by Fatty Arbuckle (so we heard). Anther landmark was Sern's Famous Barbeque a half block east of "The Hot Dog" Wile I am at it, Marina del Rey was the LA County Dump. It was ignited monthly and the smoke plume went all the way to Phoenix AZ. Burning debris fell out of the sky in those Smog-Free days.

lil bear said...

Does anyone know what year the Pup was taken away?