Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's eve: a selective list, both formal and informal

Is anyone going out on New Year's eve? I know, amateur night, but some people do like to get out of the house once in a while. Here's a few that sound intriguing -- cotton candy syrup!:

Bistro LQ
5:30-6:30 $55 four courses, $90 six courses
Smoked salmon, red beet flan, celery root remoulade, American sevruga
Oatmeal infused with black truffles and roasted Maine lobster
Black scabbard in caul with celery root, wood ear mushrooms, pomegranate nage
Sauteed foie gras French toast style, apple chanterelles with cotton candy syrup
Lamb loin stuffed with dry cherries, pistachios in a light coriander jus or duck magret with confit leg stuffed cabbage rolls, pumpkin pie coulis, Tonka jus

Hooray, no prix fixe! Reservations are recommended for table service, though. Specials include: Pappardelle with Dungeness crab, garlic chives, red chilis, Meyer lemon and grilled New Zealand lamb chops, spanikopita, cumin yogurt, mint oil

$60 for four courses ($30 for wine pairing):
Warm salad of bitter greens with pancetta, walnuts & mustard vinaigrette
Sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter & sage

Cioppino with crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, & rockfish with garlic toast or
Grilled Sonoma lamb loin and rib chop with couscous, dates and fried chickpeas
Baked Alaska

Afternoon pre-party 2-8 with seafood raw bar. Dinner seatings start at 5:30 pm, with a 6 course menu at 9 pm for $100 a person with champagne toast, and entertainment featuring DJ Jun.
Here's Palate's prix fixe menu, featuring cardoon tarte and venison osso buco.

Bottle Rock Downtown and Culver City:
Not just regular menus, but also prix fixe menus and starting at 9:30, raffle ticket giveaways every 30 minutes. Party down!


$5 courses for $55, with dim sum on carts and lots of choices among courses including India three ways, South America three ways and Asia three ways.


DailyChef said...

Thanks for the list! Very helpful. I'm still trying to figure out my NYE plans. Always a trade-off between inflated prices and a good crowd out on the town...

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Sushi Lush said...

Nice list! If folks are looking for sushi, I did a pretty comprehensive list of options at

Charles G Thompson said...

We ate at Barbrix last night (NY Eve) and it was truly great. Wonderful food, fun atmosphere. Great recommendation. Thanks.