Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silver Lake gets Canadian spotlight

Hollywood-based writer Alissa Walker shines the light on Sunset Junction for the benefit of chilled Canadians who could use a steaming cup of Intelligentsia coffee in the Toronto Globe and Mail story L.A.'s Silver city. Whether Alegria really has the best Mexican food in the city is fightin' words, but it's nice to see articles like this done by local residents instead of often-clueless out-of-towners.


Food GPS said...

Walker spotlights some interesting cultural hallmarks in Silver Lake, but the idea that Alegria might have the best Mexican food in L.A. is laughable. It might not even have the best Mexican food in Silver Lake.

alissa said...

Hey, thanks, Pat for linking to my piece! You'll be happy to hear I'm even more of a local now; I've lived in Silver Lake for the past year. As for Alegria, I'm sticking to my claim that it's quite "possibly" the best Mex in the city: super fresh, amazingly complex flavors, great specials--I eat here once a week and still get blown away.