Monday, October 19, 2009

Locali expands menu, delivers to Hollywood/Los Feliz

If I lived in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area, I would definitely be ordering some healthy food from Locali, which delivers up in the area between Highland and Hillhurst. Yes, there are super-crunchy things like vegan artisan sandwiches on foccacia and teriyaki tofu, but omnivores have plenty of choices too, including The Wayward Pilgrim sandwich: turkey, swiss, walnuts, spinach and raspberry jam or the Log Cabin breakfast sandwich with smoked chicken, apples, swiss cheese and maple syrup on a croissant. Plus, there's a kale salad, not to mention hemp salad and a hemp bagel. And ginger slushies. There's no excuse for ordering bad pizza when places like this deliver. Don't miss the Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches, either.

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Jeff Massie said...

Their website is

The site doesn't yet accept to-go orders, but there is an online PDF menu.