Friday, October 09, 2009

Is Glassell Park the new Eagle Rock?: L.A. Bento, Butter Tart and more

A cluster of news from Glassell Park, thanks to other nearby bloggers:

I'm excited to stop by L.A. Bento on Division St. in Glassell Park on my way to work and pick up a lunch bento/sandwich box. Via Squid Ink.

Butter Tart Bakery on Verdugo Rd. is transforming into a breakfast and lunch spot, thanks to Andre Guerrero of the Oinkster, who is taking over the lease and introducing a bigger menu starting at the end of October. Via FoodGPS.

Also from FoodGPS, a first look at Frankie & Johnny's Seafood Outlet on Riverside Drive. I'm a little bemused by the raucous website, nautical decor and chunks of frozen fish for sale, but given the price of fish these days, I'll certainly check it out.

And also in Glassell Park, not Eagle Rock, the Eagle Rock Brewery is getting so much closer to's a progress report on building the tasting bar, etc.


Miles said...

This is good news for folks who live on the Glassell park side of Atwater. Now, if we can only stop the gang activity...We can dream, can't we?

quarrygirl said...

i am so bloody excited about the eagle rock brewery!