Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What a great way to remember a mom!

My friend Mimi Pond, who did the funny Super King cartoon I posted a while ago, made this wonderful cake for a memorial service for her late mom Janet, who volunteered at a library. She had a little help from Jewish lesbian folksinger and Tupperware maven Phranc, who apparently knows her way around cakes, too. The cake features some of her mom's (and every mom's) favorite sayings: "You are deliberately trying to drive me insane" and "This house better be picked up by the time I get back."
I can hope hope my kids would be so creative! Mimi used a yellow cake recipe from "How to Cook Everything" and buttercream frosting from Smitten Kitchen.


j gold said...

Phranc was responsible for much cakage at the Times food section in the nineties. Largely papier mache, come to think of it, but gorgeous. We all loved it when she hung out in the test kitchen, and trust me: Ruth Reichl had never been to a Nervous Gender show.

Ellen Bloom said...

Hah! Phranc rocks! Love her songs and love her Tupperware parties!

Anonymous said...

This cake is so cute!