Sunday, September 06, 2009

Silverlake-area restaurant news round-up

Looks like the recession may be starting to really make a dent in the Silver Lake-area restaurant scene:

on Sunset has closed...guess the Vespa-delivery-of-pizzas thing wasn't quite enough to keep it going. There is seriously a lot of pizza around Silver Lake, so it must be pretty hard to stand out in the crowd.

Zanzabelle and Freight/Freight at Night is also no more...the charming bungalow is for lease and would make an amazing little breakfast cafe, but the kitchen needs to be built out.

Now it looks like Kokomo taking over Eat Well is on hold indefinitely...too bad.

Now for better news:
H.C. of LA-OC Foodventures approves of Reservoir's new brunch menu.

If you like Palate, you'll want to check out ex-executive chef Gary Menes' new restaurant Marche, in the former Max space in Sherman Oaks. Marche is set to open Tuesday.


RestaurantZoom said...

The challenges of this economy continue to wreak havoc in virtually all business sectors and considering how long this has been going on, they are really doing fairly well. Let's hope that the worst is over.

HerbyN said...

i love the feel and location of the bungalow where Zanzabelle and Freight/Freight at Night were housed. i think a model similar to The Alcove would work nicely there. casual al fresco dining with simple but well executed breakfast/brunch and lunch dinner fare. but who knows, maybe nothing will really work around here until the economy turns around...