Friday, September 25, 2009

The Dessert Architect is a great resource

I stopped by Lamill Wednesday night for a signing for Robert Wemischner's new book The Dessert Architect. Luckily, there were tastings of desserts conceived by Robert, a longtime chef and author who also teaches pastry at Los Angeles Trade Tech. Several of Robert's current and former students also came by to celebrate "Chef Bob's" book.
If you're serious about desserts, you'll want to check out this sturdy, colorful book that emphasizes mastering the components of sophisticated, modern desserts and then learning to juxtapose contrasting temperatures, textures and flavors.
Dark milk chocolate mousse demonstrated these contrasts with a crunchy peanut brittle topping and a tangy tamarind sauce and creamy, subtle mousse, paired with Lamill's Kenya Thangathi coffee.Caramel poached pear tart with glazed shortbread, cookie and ice cream.

Nougat glace with roasted peaches went for a warm/frozen temperature contrast, perfect with Lamill's frankly amazing iced Hong Kong milk tea. Memo to self: ask Lamill how to make that, then replicate at home frequently.
Caramel poached pear tart, pictured above, had a brilliant caramel sauce along with a fruit-infused shortbread ball and a creamy ice cream triangle, and was paired with another wonderful tea, Ceylon Rathkana black tea.
Chef Bob is a great resource for desserts, tea and professional pastry training, so keep an eye out for the next time he samples some of his multi-element desserts.


SinoSoul said...

Coolness. Everyone loves great design, and desserts can absolutely fall within that realm. Gonna have to check out this book. Thanks!

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