Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hipstervores soak up summer at Silver Lake Farmer's Market

Summer in Silver Lake is young, hot and hopping and the farmer's market is no exception. It's certainly not the largest or the cheapest, but it packs a lot into one short block: plants, crepes, pies, jewelry and much more. Here's a few scenes we caught on a recent Saturday morning before stopping by the Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage sale. What are your favorite prepared foods or produce vendors at the Silver Lake farmer's market?

dragon fruit
Dragonfruit are pricey, but the cool look is worth it.

girls buying flowers
Even the little girls are stylish in Silver Lake.

Mornings & Nights coffee house
Grab a coffee right in the middle of the market at Mornings & Nights and watch the action go by.

red zebra tomatoes
Summer is bursting with Red Zebra tomatoes.

Inner Gardens herb seller
Potted herbs and dried herbs and tea are sold at Inner Gardens.

Coffee Cellar Coffee Roasters
Hot Knives' Alex Brown recommends Coffee Cellar's organic beans, and it looks like the Circle Jerks' Keith Morris likes them too. Note the No Pets sign, and the pet parakeet perched on a shopper's shoulder.

Frankie & Tiny's Pies
Frankie & Tiny's Pies are fairly new at the market, with fruit pies, delicious coconut pies and a hearty bbq pork pie.


Food GPS said...

BBQ pork pie? Sign me up for a dozen of those. Seems like Silver Lake Farmers Market has improved since my last visit. Thanks for the update.

j said...

went last weekend and got some really tasty hummus in flavors i had never seen before - one was avocado and cilantro, the other was harissa and black bean. very good.

Anonymous said...

When I see the word "hipster" I cringe. This term is trite and tells me the writer's vocabulary is insufficient.

slowrider said...

The word "hipster" sure lets you know exactly what the writer is talking about though. Does'nt it?

Maybe the author didn't have time for such descriptions that include ironic t-shirts, shitty beards, white belts, ordering a "PBR" and not drinking it all, tight hoodies sweatshirts,
tight jeans, scarfs, some form of glasses, some form of hat,
converse, bike and
an attitude that they are the coolest most unique person in the world(even though all their friends are wearing the same thing).

Perhaps you can enlighten us w/a non-trite term that conveys the same information?

Pat Saperstein said...

Chill out, kids! For one thing, I used the term hipstervore, which is different than just hipster. It's a hipster crossed with a locavore, invented by the NY Times, which I find amusing. And if you can't use that term in reference to the Silver Lake Farmer's Market, then where can you use it? It's not like I use it in every post.

slowrider said...

Sorry. I just can't believe that someone takes time to try and put someone down like that.

Anonymous said...

Pat, thought you might be interested in this:

Although the comments get a little snarky, interesting that the person behind the food blog code of ethics would withhold info herself.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I retract my 2nd sentence above and replace it with: More and more people are fatigued by the overuse and increasingly common insertion of the word "hipster" in reviews. The word is too strong for a restaurant review as "young and trendy crowd" would be adequate as the primary focus of a food venue review should be the food and service. The demographic or style of the crowd should be secondary or tertiary, especially since a crowd on any given night may not accurately represent the crowd on the next evening. Ergo focus on non-variable factors and address the social aspect lightly to maintain a review focused on food and service and not the scene. Lastly, a restaurant generally cannot control who walks in, but they can control their product and staff.

Bite Me said...

Wait, let me get this straight. You cringe at the word "hipster" but would prefer the phrase "young and trendy crowd" instead? Why?! What f'n difference does it make?! They're two ways of saying the exact same thing! You're just splitting imaginary hairs.

The word "hipster" doesn't even appear in the post. The author changed it to the amusingly kooky term "hipstervore."

There are no hard and fast rules describing what should or shouldn't be the "primary focus" of a "food venue review." That's up to the author to determine for herself. It's an opinion piece. She can focus on anything she wants.

Personally, I cringe when I read people using words like "tertiary" and "ergo" in their comments.

Anonymous said...

Your response lacks substance and counterpoint. And that is your choice if you seemingly prefer using a dumbed-down version of the English language (ergo and tertiary make you uncomfortable).

I've only had one objection to Eating LA, as posted above, and it was a very small point. I think the author understood that. But you didn't. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog for most of this year.

Unknown said...

In hopes of getting back on the food topic... I LOVE the greek stand at the corner of the two streets (the guy in between the tamales and one of the jewlery stands, not the stand by the nuts). I have gone to the market just because I am craving his dolmas, and the hummus, cheeses, olives etc are also all tasty. He's super friendly and hands out bites of everything. Also, I find it hard to resist the pupusas and a strawberry lemonade.

Anonymous said...

MMMMM....those pies are dreamy and absolutely delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy pies...I can't get enough!!

Heffie Stinkette said...

Ooh, Frankie and Tiny's Pies are the best! More yummy pies please!

Anonymous said...

Pies?? I must hear more about these pies!!