Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Farming for urbanites: summer workshops from Silver Lake Farms and Homegrown Evolution

Want to grow more of your own food? Or learn to make jam or recycle your water? You can't get any more local than harvesting food and preserving food from your own backyard. Both Silver Lake Farms and Homegrown Evolution have lined up a series of workshops to help citydwellers go a little more country.

At Silver Lake Farms August workshops, which take place at the Lila school in Los Feliz, choose from How to Keep a Vegetable Garden, Good Soil or Compost at $48 a class, or learn by working on an urban farm for free.
Silver Lake Farms is also launching a CSA this fall, so check the website for more info.
At Homegrown Evolution's August and September workshops ($40 and $50) in Silver Lake, learn about Seed Saving, Drip Irrigation, Greywater, Low-sugar Jam making and Summer Fruit Tree Pruning.

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