Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is how much Wilshire needs food

A long line formed behind 5900 Wilshire when Kogi arrived at lunchtime today.

Workers on the Miracle Mile, particularly in the 5900 and 5700 Wilshire buildings, are starved for good lunch choices. A person can only consume so much Baja Fresh, and the choices after that are even less promising. The Green Truck has been a blessing, and now the area also has the Bool Truck, which I haven't tried yet. Today we even got a visit from Kogi BBQ, but they had so much trouble with the parking officers that it seriously cut into their cooking time, thus the long line. We could seriously use some more lunch options in this area, restaurant owners! Has anyone tried Bool?


Ellen Bloom said...

Check out FranklinAve...he just reviewed Bool. Sounds good and faster service than Kogi!

Ophelia Lee said...

I've tried Bool, Calbi, and Kogi, and I rank them as follows:

1. Kogi
2. Calbi
3. Bool

Bool's food is okay, but pales in comparison to the other two truck brands. Their burrito was filled with too much rice, and the tacos had sriracha sauce, which just seems wrong to me. I also had to wait a while for their food also, although the wait is not as bad as Kogi's.