Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Artisanal homebrew kits: What the cool kids in Brooklyn are up to these days

Brooklyn Brew's Stephen Valand and Erica Shea

Here's an idea possibly ripe for an L.A. micro-entrepreneur to rip-off, I mean adapt: the Brooklyn Brew Shop sells at-home brewing kits at the Brooklyn Flea market and online in delicious-sounding flavors like Chocolate maple porter and Grapefruit honey ale. A $40 kit brews about gallon of beer and looks like an easy way to ease into homebrewing. They're also working on more flavors like Lobster beer (made with the shells, not the meat) and Bourbon Dubbel.
(via Village Voice's Fork in the Road blog)


JustinM said...

Lobster beer? That may be taking things a little too far.

christie said...

Any word about the new Eagle Rock Brewery?

Diana said...

Pat, of course you know, LA homebrewers and new brewers can get homebrew kits and recipe kits at the home Beer Wine and Cheese Shop, and have been able to for around 3o years or more! Soda, Wine, Sake and Cheese Making stuff, too.

I mean, you've BEEN there!

ALL home brewing is "Artisinal", Pat!


Greg Beron said...

$40 for a gallon of beer??? I guess us SoCal boys aren't smart enough, because at our stores, Culver City Home Brewing Supply and Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply, less than $40 will buy you the ingredients for 5 gallons of beer. I can't believe those people in Brooklyn can look at themselves in the mirror.