Saturday, June 27, 2009

Square Meal day at Dwell on Design

If you missed the sold-out screening and food truck row and the restaurant design awards, there's still time for some food-focused programming at Dwell on Design.

Sunday at Dwell on Design at the Convention Center is the Square Meal food day, including cooking demonstrations from Little Flower Candy and more, and panels that include:
1:00 The Gestalt of Meat with Neal Fraser and Evan Kleiman;
1:30 The Food Network -- food social networking with Sarah from Tastespotting and the Kogi BBQ folks
3:00 L.A.'s thriving farmer's markets with Laura Avery and the manager of Harry's Berries
Cultivating Green and Gardens in the City 12:30 -1 at the Sustainability forum.

Students are free, and tickets are around $25 for others, I think, with access to all the cool designy stuff in the exhibition hall.

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