Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BISTROLQ takes over Mimosa

Wow, I was wondering if Laurent Quenioux's new place would displace one of the entrenched bistros on Beverly, and apparently the answer is yes. It's moving into the Mimosa space at 8009 Beverly Blvd. Mimosa opened in 1997 and was always a reliable place for dishes like bouillabaisse, onion soup and moules.
Well, at least there shouldn't be a long build-out, changing from old school bistro to new style bistro.


Tricerapops said...

sad. i really enjoyed mimosa, but hadn't been there in a while. i wonder if i can get a meal in before it changes hands?

meg said...

This is horrible news! Not the entrance of BISTROLQ, but the exit of Mimosa, which has been a stalwart of ours for a long time.

Living out in the West Inland Empire and only making it into the city for a meal every couple of weeks, we have a strict no-returns policy, but Mimosa is the one place we've been back to.

I'm going to mope all day, and possibly all summer.

Stuart Falk said...

I've dined at Mimosa twice in the past 3 weeks and it was consistently excellent. Far more authentic than Comme Ca. How sad to see it go. Can anyone suggestion another good authentic French bistro in this area, other than the sister restaurant to Mimosa (which I do not think is as good)?

carter said...

While I always thought Mimosa was overrated, and then some, my favorite bistro in that area was Pastis, yet it too is being sold and converted, yet not even to French food - something called the House Cafe, whatever that is.
These times they are a changin'!
Thought-is Cafe des artistes on McCadden stickin' around ?!

Anonymous said...

Laurent is a friggin' genius. No need to worry, though i certainly didn't wish for Mimosa to go away.

Unknown said...

I'm so sad to hear about Mimosa. I've always had very good food and a great time there. I'm happy that Laurent Q found a good home, but wish Mimosa could survive. As for where to go for straight-ahead bistro food.... I guess Anisette in Santa Monica, and Cafe des Artistes in Hollywood, of course. Oh, and Church and State downtown.

Unknown said...

I just called mimosa to get a last (and unfortunately, first) dinner there. They're gone!!!