Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barbrix, 100 things to try in L.A. and more on the blogs

FoodGPS has menus and more on Barbrix, Silver Lake's newest hotspot. We haven't tried it yet, but early reports are very encouraging. I'm kind of excited about garlic fried sweetbreads with harissa aioli, the McGrath farmer's plate, and grilled Greek sardines (just $6!)

made a super-handy list of 100 foods, cocktails and experiences to try in L.A. before you die, move away, get too old, have a baby, etc. I'm happy to see there's still plenty of things I haven't tried yet, from cocktails at the Edison to Animal's loco moco.

The LATimes posted a photo gallery from the Craft Beer Fest. Must be nice to have a professional photographer available to roam the streets!

Barbrix, above, from their website.

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Amy Atwood said...

I am going to check out Barbrix this Friday night. You picked the exact three plates I want!