Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silver Lake/Los Feliz liquors up

Michelangelo is getting closer to getting its beer and wine license ... if you prefer to BYOB, this might not be a good thing, although it will certainly be more convenient for diners. How do you like Michelangelo since it's moved to Rowena?

And Pattaya on Vermont is applying for a full liquor license...I think Pattaya has been licensed off and on for years, but it's now trying to upgrade to a full license. Any fans of Pattaya out there? I know it's one of the more solid delivery options for Los Feliz.


noah said...

I think Pattaya is delicious. It's certainly not as regional or original as some place like Jitlata, but it's my go-to place for standard Thai staples -- papaya salad, green curry, tom yum, pad prik king, mango sticky rice, etc. Their seafood is also really good, and they do something great with soft shell crab. And it's open at all hours.

Anyway, I thought it deserved a shout out. I can only think of one or two places in the entire city I go to more frequently than Pattaya (and I don't even live in Loz Feliz).

Jill said...

Thank goodness. I really like the food at Michelangelo's but have gone there on more than one occasion hoping to get a nice glass of wine with my dinner and totally forgot that it's BYOB. Which might be ok if there was a liquor store nearby but there isn't. So bring on the wine and beer, please!