Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Following L.A. foodies: Twitterers with good appetites

Who are you following on Twitter? For many of us, finding out where @KogiBBQ was parked was the first time we really used Twitter. I follow some non-L.A. based food folks like @ruthreichl, @davidleibovitz and @clothildenet, but most of my follows are local.
Here's a few that have something interesting to say, whether once in a while or every day.
Please add any other L.A.-based Twitterers with good food content in the comments and I'll post a complete directory page with live links.

Food and other L.A. bloggers who Twitter
, in no particular order:
@foodgps -- lots of links to the blog, with some additional tweets
@eatfoodwithme -- Miles Clements writes for the L.A. Times food section
@LAOCFoodie -- strong on cocktail observations especially
@pleasurepalate -- a veritable Twitter machine and food events planner
@typefiend - Apartment Therapy blogger and Silver Lake dweller
@thedelicious -- founder of Tastespotting is a voracious Twitterer
@angelenic -- one of the best for news about Downtown L.A.
@Tunatoast -- Tokyoastrogirl is a Highland Park-based foodblogger
@sinosoul -- TonyC is a very opinionated fellow with a love of many ethnic foods
@mattarmendariz -- food photographer and generally lucky guy
@foodeater -- Vegan from the To Live and Eat in L.A. blog. Read the blog too or you'll the great photos.
@quarrygirl -- also vegan, also takes nice photos on her blog

LATimes-connected foodie writers:
@sirenevirbila is protected, and doesn't update anyway

Restaurants, chefs, and shops:
@kogibbq -- 17,000+ followers of oddly capitalized tweets
@locali -- new products and daily specials
@tendergreens -- lots of updates on daily specials at different locations
@verdugobar -- beer specials and music nights

Twits we're just not that into:
@LAFoodie has tons of followers, but the Google-ad clogged blog isn't that appealing.
@EaterLA seems to have given up on Twittering


MyLastBite said...

Thanks for the SHOUT OUT! And for the list! I'm missing a few...

Susan said...

Thanks for the great list, Pat! So many good blogs and restaurants to follow.

Kristin said...

We are also on twitter


pleasurepalate said...

Thanks for the mention! :)

mattatouille said...

thanks for mentioning me as well. twitter is both a blessing and a curse, as many people are finding out.

Food GPS said...


Good job of assembling a solid list. I follow the majority of the tweeters you mentioned. Here are some other people I've been tracking:

Gourmet Pigs @burumun
Choi Sauce @olivejina
The blogger formerly known as Teenage Glutster @glutster


John T. Edge @johntedge
Chris Cosentino @offalchris

Some of the better local bloggers don't seem to care about Twitter, but they should. It's much easier to navigate than Facebook and easy to scan (or scan past).

Doran said...

I too follow many of the ones you mention. Here are a few more:

Burbank food:
@DinosBurbank - Though they never post

@Foodalert - Food recalls and such
@cpkimball - Chris Kimball of Cooks Illustrated
@edlevine - Yup, Ed Levine
@bittman - Mark Bittman
@linecook - Richie Nakano in San Francisco

Daily Gluttony said...

How hypocritical of me to start tweeting on a more regular basis after I wrote this rant about tweeting. LOL! @dailygluttony if you care to add.

there's also @gastronomyblog from the gastronomer of gastronomer/astronomer fame.

@dotscupcakes tweets about new products and the occasional free cupcake giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Pat, great list!

I'm a lousy twit, but when I remember, I tweet about food:


(LA Magazine)

Anonymous said...

Nice list, Pat. Might as well add me to the list...the OTHER Lesley B (former Eater, now Tasting Table): @LesleyLA. I tweeted the whole Peabble Beach weekend, and will continue on. I'll also be adding stuff to TastingTableLA as soon as they make it pretty. xo

Tasty Morsel said...

Great list. I now have some more really cool foodies to follow. We also write a food blog and try to tweet often about food, you can find us @tasty_morsel we are based out of the L.A area, so most of the restaurants and writing adventures are in L.A.

ronsilverado said...


helpful for knowing when mrs. mista is making mac n' cheese.

Jess said...

I'm there too, even though I haven't fully embraced tweeting like the others. I tried messaging you via Twitter, which maybe didn't work, showing how clueless I am on that site. Anyway, I'm @RitzBites. Thanks, Jess

Melissa W. said...

I'm just starting out, but I'm blogging about burgers. You can follow me @ laburgergirl. I'd love your recommendations!

Susan said...

Oh heck, I may as well throw myself into the mix:


Thanks Pat!

Anonymous said...

Room for one more??


aka foodie in disguise

Marie said...

Great idea! I love Twitter and am always happy to find more LA folks.

I am: @verymarie

Manny said...

Great list. love the blog...

You could also add Cybele @candyblog

after all candy is food...

Unknown said...


Alli & Win said...

Hey, what about me? :)