Monday, February 02, 2009

Half price nights at Dolce, Bella and Ketchup

The Dolce Group is really reaching out to lure in diners during these difficult times. The celeb-centric restaurant owners are offering 50% off all food at Dolce on Monday nights, at Bella on Tuesday nights and at Ketchup on Sunday nights. Plus, Geisha House is offering half priced bottles of wine and sake on Sunday nights. Seems like a good deal, if those are the sort of restaurants you would ever go to in the first place.
(Ketchup's happy hamburger eating girl at right)


Anonymous said...

oooo. thanks Pat!

how bad can a $10 niman ranch pork chop be?

Anonymous said...

They've been doing these deals forever but it must be working because they keep advertising it. Although, every time I drive by Dolce it's completely and utterly empty.

But look at all the babes that come with the deals!

Anonymous said...

When will these 3 places just close up shop like so many others have done in the past 30 days? Got to think the rent will eat them all alive

weezermonkey said...

After all the bad things I heard, Ketchup wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it would be.

Maybe my expectations were sufficiently lowered.