Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More linkage; J. Gold goes to Moles la Tia, Teenage Glutser ages out

Jonathan Gold stops in at Moles la Tia and says it has immediately leapt to the top of L.A.'s best Mexican restaurants. He gives a shoutout to Teenage Glutser for helping to spread the word.
Speaking of Javier, the Teenage Glutser just turned 20 and celebrated with a meal at does that mean that now he's just the Glutser? Anyway, Happy birthday Javier!
Also, congratulations to former L.A. Times food section editor Leslie Brenner, who will be moving to Dallas as restaurant critic for the Dallas Morning News. (Via

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glutster said...

Does it mean I'm just the glutster?
ha, ha.

Thanks for the wishes and linkage Pat :)

Really means a lot, seriously.

See you around.