Thursday, January 22, 2009

Locali is open in Hollywood

Locali carries products to help you go green, including cool glass flasks

Locali is like the opposite of Famima: instead of all the convenience items imported from Japan, the emphasis is on locally-sourced products from some of our favorite producers. There's Carmela Ice Cream, La Guera Tamalera tamales and beer from Dales Bros. and The Bruery. Although located in a compact minimall space, Locali packs in a lot of interesting products that are either sustainable, organic and/or local, including wine and beer, sandwiches and salads from M Cafe, prepared food from several vegan suppliers, frozen foods, coffee and snacks.

The shop stocks a good selection of California beers.

Books, shopping bags, water bottles and other tchochkes for the green lifestyle are stocked as well -- even a handy countertop compost bin. Soon, there will be sandwiches, salads and soups made fresh on the premises, promises owner Melissa Rosen. Locali almost seems too good for Hollywood -- it's like a shop from Portland or Santa Monica -- but hopefully Hollywoodites will support all the delicious local products found at Locali.
Tip: Don't miss the Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches. They may come all the way from Portland, but they rock.
Prepared foods come from several local suppliers, both vegan and omnivore.

5825 Franklin Ave.
open 7 am - 11 pm seven days a week


Anonymous said...

yes, ruby jewel is sooo delicious! after reading your review i picked up the honey lavender and lemon one. it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Am I blind or nuts or did you not tell us where the heck this place is??

Geoff said...

@Anonymous: they're in the northeast corner of Hollywood:

5825 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Kozy-D said...

This place is amazing and the owners are genuinely great people! Their selection of edible goodies and even their non-edible stuff is excellent.

Definitely stop by and check them out :)