Monday, December 01, 2008

Eat: Los Angeles: our guide to edible L.A. debuts

UPDATE: Please note, signing is at 7 pm.
Earlier this year I had fun working on a brand-new guidebook to all things edible in Los Angeles, Eat: Los Angeles.
Monday evening, from 7-8, Vroman's bookstore is hosting a signing for the brand-new book which, unlike guidebooks mostly for tourists, should hopefully be helpful for people who actually live here. And unlike most guidebooks, it was completely written by longtime experts on the local food scene, including Bandini from the Great Taco Hunt, Linda Burum, Amelia Saltsman, Jean Barrett, Jenn Garbee and our resourceful editor Colleen Dunn Bates. The book includes our selective, opiniated picks for everything from butchers to boba, cupcakes to caterers. I also contributed several food-oriented walking tours of Silver Lake, Boyle Heights, and South Pasadena. Hope to see you there or at other events we may be doing around L.A.!


Anonymous said...

You say Bandini from The Great Taco Hunt contributed to the book? How long ago? Some of us fellow taco lovers and 'hounds have missed him -- been ages since any new posts on his blog and he hasn't been responding to email. If you know of Bandini's present whereabouts, please send our appreciation and best regards.

Anonymous said...

This book completely ignores the San Fernando Valley.

The SFV has a population of 2 million Angelenos and it represents about 20-25% of the geography of the Greater Los Angeles area. That's a lot of people who are eating and shopping who got ignored! AND it's got some great eating. To leave it out is a serious oversight. ...and it makes the book virtually useless to a good number of us.

I wish I had been able to look through a copy of the book before I bought it. $20 pretty much wasted!

West Valley Resident

Anonymous said...

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