Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steven Arroyo change it up: 750 ml closes, Malo sells

Restaurateur Steven Arroyo, who just opened Church and State downtown, is changing around other pieces of his moderately-priced, festive-atmosphere style empire. We'll let the other blogs describe the changes:
Over at EaterLA, it appears 750 ml, which was loved by some and emphatically disliked by others, will turn into some sort of upscale pizza place. That seems to fit the neighborhood better, as there are already several other pricier bistros nearby, and few moderate places.
At Food GPS is news that Arroyo has sold his stake in Malo to his other two partners and is casting about to open another Mexican restaurant.
Also, there's a feature on Church & State over at the Downtown News. It's not really a review, with only one paragraph about the food, but also talks about Arroyo's vision for the space and his restaurant history. Anyone tried it yet?


AVN said...

We tried Church & State a couple of weeks ago. Dinner for 2 with apps, wine, shared entree, shared dessert, tax & tip was $130.

Everything was tasty. Buttery. (French.) Made-in-house caramel is worth the trip.

Parking's easy: $4, attended lot. On a cute corner, believe it or not, not far from Skid Row.


Natty said...

Okay, this is probably sad but I am more excited about the pizza place than I ever was about 750 ml. I didn't dislike it; I was just indifferent. Thanks for keeping us up!

JustinM said...

I'm in the same boat - a wood-fired pizza place will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Hopefully the extreme arrogance will be toned down.

Anonymous said...








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