Tuesday, August 26, 2008

L.A. Staycation: Super King market in the L.A. Times

(click here for the larger version via LATimes.com)

I know, it's a little late, but I just now caught up on my Sunday L.A. Times. Great cartoon by Mimi Pond (full disclosure: we were in baby group together) about San Fernando Road's Super King market. She caught the full we've-fallen-down-the-hole-into-Kazhakstan vibe perfectly. Here's a link to Mimi's cartoons for the L.A. Times.


HerbyN said...

I LOVE Super King. i think it's the best supermarket secret/value in that part of town. i challenge anyone to go see the prices for produce at super king and then go back to the Vons and Ralph's (even the trader joe's) of the world and not fall down laughing. also, they have great dry goods and eastern european/middle eastern deli items (also cheap). this is my go-to place, but the comic in the LA Times is funny and spot on with its satire. the place can get crowded if you go at the busiest times of day so be prepared to fight for your plum tomatoes...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a fun shopping experience, and the conversations you hear are all over the linguistics map.
btw - they have a website if you are not in the mailing area of Anaheim or Glassell Park:
I tend to stop there when in that part of town.

oddlyme said...

Love that place!

Big warning though - don't go on Thursday am, the day of the new ad. Chaos.

But other than that, great produce, jams, yogurts and more than 5 kinds of feta. How can I not like that?

Sandy. said...

God, I love Super King, mostly because of the ravening ethnic hordes (Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, etc.) crowding the aisles. Huge bunches of fresh herbs are like, 79 cents! Once they had fresh almonds! FRESH ALMONDS. I worked in restaurants for years and this was the first time I'd ever seen them. The parking lot stinks, but they have like ten kinds of pomegranate molasses and about fifty kinds of feta AND flatbreads. It's amazing.

HerbyN said...

so true, sandy. so. true.