Friday, July 04, 2008

Banh Mi My Tho: Tiny but worthy

I loved Baguette Express in San Gabriel, which closed a while ago, and was never very impressed with Lee's or Saigon Sandwich. A couple of Chowhound posters were evaluating the possible replacements, and TonyC put out the name Bahn Mi My Tho, so I decided to try it. Baguette Express was immaculate, modern, with several tables and a a pleasant air-conditioned atmosphere. Bahn Mi My Tho, on the other hand, is a tiny counter deli in an Alhambra strip mall. Vietnamese cakes, cookies and prepackaged spring rolls spill across the countertop, an annoying buzzer goes off every time a customer walks in the door, and there's no place to eat except a metal bench overlooking the lovely strip mall parking lot. But they do make a hell of a bahn mi, and for $2 yet. Of course, there's no creative variations like the Cajun shrimp bahn mi I loved at Baguette Express. But the bbq beef and bbq pork both had plenty of green matter, fresh bread and generally everything else you want in a $2 sandwich. Amazingly, the compact deli has a full menu of Vietnamese dishes, so you can get a full meal to go, or just a big 'ol bag of sandwiches at rock bottom prices. So thanks, TonyC.
Bahn Mi My Tho
304 W. Valley Blvd. (near Garfield)


SinoSoul said...

you're welcome Pat. they make their nem nuong in-house, and the xiu mai version utilizes huge zesty meatballs.

for softer moist baguette, i suggest Baguette City instead.

Mitchypoo said...

This is a great place, the sandwiches are 2.25 now but way worth it! We got the pork and chicken. Very tasty and good.

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