Thursday, April 24, 2008

Josef Centeno resurfaces with Lot 1 in Echo Park

Centeno's Lot 1 on Sunset in Echo Park

Clare from Rainy Days and Sundays ran into chef Josef Centeno, late of Opus, and found out he's not going to Silver Lake or Downtown but in-between: his new resto will be called Lot 1 at 1533 Sunset Blvd. (at Laveta Terrace, so near the new Park restaurant) with bacos for lunch, a Tuesday evening tasting menu and weekend brunch. Also, they need a line cook and other folks.


Anonymous said...

tom colicchio would have been pissed! i dont think they tasted their dishes before they sent them out... who puts dill (and what looked to be ruhbarb but the jury is still out) on raviolli??? common sense people, common sense. oh and they need to change the fish daily... it was a bit on the "fishy" side, and not in a fresh good way. disaster! its sad too because i really wanted them to be good... i hope they sort it out, and quick!

Anonymous said...

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