Friday, April 04, 2008

Historic L.A. food sites: Oh, for the days of the Gay Way

The prolific photographer William Reagh snapped this photo found in the L.A. Public Library's database. The Gay Way was already boarded up when this photo was taken in 1965, and there's no record of the location, but it looks like Downtown, maybe Broadway. Anyone recognize the building? It looks like it was pretty divey even back in the day, but it probably wasn't actually a gay bar, right?


Kim said...

The Gayway Cafe, 514 South Main, site of a gun battle in which a narc was shot by a man he was frisking in December 1948.

Pat Saperstein said...

Thanks, Kim, I figured it was near Main or Broadway. Somehow I'm guessing it wasn't really famous for the food.

Anonymous said...

Sometime in the 1940's it was a night club. According to my great aunt's obituary , she sang there , and at another club called "The Music Box".
( Sadly , that's all I can add. )
~Mike B.