Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gus's sauces up South Pasadena

Gus's BBQ's long wood bar

We had a preview of Gus's BBQ before they open to the public on Wednesday, April 16. I like the long bar at the back, with nine bourbon selections available for the mint julep. It's a good spot for families, with a kids menu that includes a quarter rack of baby back ribs for the sprogs. While the kids are scarfing mac 'n cheese and red velvet cupcakes, the adults can get totally twisted on cocktails (some in 22 oz. glasses!) including a Hurricane with three types of rum and amaretto and a Bluesman Manhattan with blue curacao. Draft beer (including Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire and Hoegaarden) is also available in a hearty 22 oz. size.
We tried the baby back ribs and the brisket sandwich -- I don't want to do a real review off a preview dinner but the meats, smoked over hickory and apple wood, were top quality with large and tasty sides. Gus's also bakes its own breads and makes its own BBQ sauce.
It's a good-sized space, with a private room in back near the bar, a counter in front for quick lunches and a free parking lot -- and just what the area, which has plenty of high-end restaurants but few mid-range one, could use.


Anonymous said...

I really need to venture to LA more often. Definitely a person shouldn't be reading a food blog with all these yummy pictures when she is hungry.

Anonymous said...

I really, really, REALLY hope the BBQ is real, actual, tasty BBQ. We made the mistake of going to Barn Burner a few months back and it was a damn disgrace.

Alexander Santillanes said...

I connect Gus's with the aged family friends my parents would take me to visit in South Pas. I'd be very curious to see how they are now that they've been revamped. -X

Anonymous said...

I recently ate dinner at Gus's for the third time. This was my first experience since opening under new ownership. The place is much more pleasent and the food is great! My wife had the Flat Iron Steak and I had the Carolina Pulled Pork. Gus's is now a place to "Eat In" not just "Take Out"!