Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doughboys Lite opens Wednesday at El Rey theater

Although it looks like Doughboys on Third St. won't be reopening, dough eaters west of Hollywood can take some comfort with the opening of a new mini-Doughboys in the space formerly known simply as Diner, attached to the El Rey theater on Wilshire. We'll dub it Doughbabies, and it opens Wednesday with an abbreviated menu that will gradually be expanded.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if its open yet as two individuals were sitting at the outside tables enjoying their quizno's today at lunch. I suspect they el rey staff or part of the band that was setting up.

Pat Saperstein said...

Sorry, but I'd prefer not to post anonymous comments about health violations especially since it's a brand new restaurant. Anyone who's interested can check the health dept. website.

Anonymous said...

Ate there today. They currently only have ready-serve sandwiches & salads that are (I assume) shipped from their Hollywood location since they do not currently have a functional kitchen. IT WAS AWFUL. Those who had salads had the joy of extremely past due produce & those who had sandwiches got the same + the added bonus of yellow roast beef. I threw mine away after a few bites & am now hungry and bitter that I paid $10 for something so awful I could not even stomach it when I was famished.