Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amalia's houses homey Guataleman fare

I've always thought this house at 751 N. Virgil was a cute place for a restaurant, but the Thai place that was there for a while didn't last in this heavily Central American neighborhood. Now Amalia's Guatamalan Cuisine & Seafood has moved in, and it looks like a more ambitious operation than most Guatemalan bakeries and restaurants, with entrees around $9-$18. Guatemalan specialties include tamales de chiplin, hilachas (shredded meat in tomato sauce with Guatemalan spices); frihol blanco (pork stew with white beans) pepian (Mayan chicken and bread soup) and for the brave, rebolcado with pork hearts, livers and ears sliced in Guatemalan sauce. Desserts include plantains in chocolate mole sauce. For the kids, there's mini tamales and spaghetti with tomato sauce and hard boiled egg!
Has anyone tried Amalia's yet?


oddlyme said...

Haven't tried Amalia's yet, but I did just go to El Chapin on York for the first time. Eggs scrambled with tomatoes, onion and peppers, really good beans and rice, tortillas or bread and fried plantains for $5.

Tiny TINY place, very basic - but good.

Next up, to try their refried black beans with Guatemalan cheese.

Anonymous said...

We went to Amalias today and the food was amazing and authentic. It made me think of my visits to Guatemala including hearing them play marimba music... The service was slow.. Real slow for a party of eight.. Maybe they did not expect such a busy crowd for a Sunday afternoon.
Overall great food but not so great service... And gratuity was already included in the bill..! Oh well give them another chance because the food was cheap and delicious ...!