Saturday, March 08, 2008

Silver Lake, Montrose and Eagle Rock's upcoming eats and drinks

What new Silver Lake restaurant is looking for a manager with a high standard of service? Too bad the old ones aren’t looking for that! Could be Fritzie’s, which is going to re-open with the same owner but a different name and chef; or Andiamo, the new pizza/pasta place on Sunset.

EaterLA reports that out of respect to the Tiki Ti, Johnny’s bar will not turn into a tiki bar after all, but Bobby Green plans to reopen the bar with a different concept.

Montrose continues to spiff up with Café Montrose, a new “modern American bistro and wine bar” opening on Honolulu, just down the street from all the action in Sparr Heights.
I never even knew the area was called Sparr Heights, but it's become quite the foodie desination with gourmet shop and small plates restaurant Ingredients, Rosso Wine Shop with weekend tastings, Bashan Restaurant, the venerable La Cabanita and more.

Via reader Billyboy and EagleRock Talk we're up to date on Eagle Rock news:
The Coffee Table's CT Lounge plans to open in March, with microbrews and music added to the Coffee Table menu.

Hamburger stand the Bucket has a new owner and is adding new beers -- time to get over there for a burger soon.

Frozen yogurt is flooding into the Rock -- Lemongrass 2 next to Lemongrass will offer yogurt (it would be interesting if they had lemongrass-flavored yogurt) and Blue Dot Yogurt will be made from fresh ingredients, not powders.

The most ambitious spot planned for Eagle Rock at the moment is Local 79 on Colorado, owned by a former Chateau Marmont chef (not sure if it's Mohammad Islam?), with the designer of Tiara consulting, will feature seasonal produce, roasts, braises, beer and wine.


Anonymous said...

It is run by a couple of local guys on from Eagle Rock High and one from Franklin High! I will support my Northern League amigos! Go Marshall Barristers!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Fritzie's will become a French bistro, with a new name that I can only hope is better than its former one, and that they do get a real quality chef as the area could really use a quality restaurant.

mattatouille said...

I'm definitely excited about the Eagle Rock openings. Looking to be a culinary treasure in the likes of Culver soon enough.

my little apartment said...

i dont understand how Lemongrass can open a second location when their restaurant is so terrible!

very excited about all the other haps though...

Anonymous said...

ditto the last comment about Lemongrass... i would never go back to that place! terrible, bland Vietnamese food with like 1 vegetarian dish.

on the other hand The Bucket also just got a new coat of paint and is looking way more inviting, so i might give it a try. they were still able to maintain the old-timey charm.