Friday, March 14, 2008

Salt party: My favorite kind!

Some people like margarita parties or cupcake parties (not that I would turn those down), but a salt party definitely appeals more to me. Now Saltistry, the company that makes some lovely flavored sea salts, is hosting a Salt Party on March 31, from 6-9 p.m. at Food Court LA, 8334 W. Third St. Tickets are $25, and actually margaritas will be available, with lime flake salt, no less. Other tastes include watermelon and cantaloupe with coconut black salt; grilled flank steak with smoked chili salt; duck rillettes with preserved lemon salt; sea salt caramels with lavender gray salt and Salty Dogs, natch, with grapefruit juice, vodka and tangerine salt. Sweet!


oddlyme said...

You do now that there is company that makes bacon flavored salt,doncha?

It's supposed to be FAB.

But since I can't get it locally,I don't know for sure...

Anonymous said...

A group of us from another blog tested the Baconsalt...on mac and cheese, on potato salad, on a bunch of different things. It has a pronounced chemical taste and, I believe, no actual bacon is involved. Which means it IS kosher, but it tastes bad.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that bacon salt tastes totally artificial unlike the salts from saltistry that you mentioned in the post! I love those salts (especially the genamicha, so nutty)! and they were made by a chef so they are the real deal! any self-professed foodie should definetely check out the "artistry" of salt! not some hacks putting a bunch of chemicals together and calling it bacon- those bacon salt people should be ashamed!!!!

Anonymous said...

"foodies" certainly don't lack candor when you start messing with all things pork do they?

Anonymous said...