Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick bite: Tomato Pie in Silver Lake

Plenty of outdoor seating, complete with vintage stoves at Tomato Pie

I'm not gonna hold it against Tomato Pie that they might have jumped the gun a tiny bit on their soft opening, inviting people via Chowhound before there was any visible sign of habitation. Silver Lake restaurants seem to specialize in obscure locations, and Tomato Pie is no exception. But now there is a sign on the side of the building, as well as some flyers in the window of the chiropractor's office in front. Go around the back, and you'll find a perfectly nice, clean pizza parlor with tables on the asphalt patio, a few vintage stoves for decoration and a display case of salads and desserts. My son and I walked over to pick up a mushroom and pepperoni pizza and we were all very happy with it. It's a thin, floppy New York style, similar to Hard Times back when it was still good. -- overall a very satisfying, reasonably-priced pie. (A large cheese is $13, plus $1.50 each for a good selection of toppings including items like corn, goat cheese, spinach and kalamata olives.) Also pastas, subs and salads and free delivery.
Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
2457 Hyperion Ave. (behind the hair salon, next to Baller's art store)
(323) 661-6474

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Anonymous said...

Had a couple slices yesterday... yummmm!!! Exactly what SilverLake needed.

Anonymous said...

Been three times for slices since the "soft opening" week (and two drives and a walk past before I could actually FIND it, and I LIVED not more than 200 yards from the place for about a decade!)
Definitely more than acceptable NY slices; more consistent than Hard Times has been in the last six or seven years/2 or 3 owners; service more consistent than Nickt D's; haven't A/B tested the slice against Rudelli's, or whatever-like-that-its-called over on Fletcher, who sell a pretty good NY style slice too.

silverlake bodhisattva

d-kat said...

Thanks for showing this here. Ordered it last night and it was deeeeeeeleeeeeeeshuhs!!!!

The spinach/artichoke dip was tasty, too!

Unknown said...

A pizza addict from NY since I was 7 years old eating Jack's in Bay Terrace.
This is the best Pizza in LA. If I was in NY I couldn't tell the difference except that the crust (the end) could be a little thicker. I like to chew.