Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Osteria La Buca ready for its close-up

While Osteria La Buca's remodel has been open off and on for several months, restaurant designer Kris Keith of the Spacecraft Group was finally ready last night to unveil the finished design. We liked the clever wine bottle chandeliers, the cozy upstairs fireplace and the vintage black and white photos on the walls, although we'll miss the tiny, charming original room. That room is now part of the entry patio with a few tables, shown. The main room is bigger but still intimate, and the upstairs room looks like the perfect canoodling spot on chilly evenings. We sampled quite a few dishes -- truffle ravioli and fritti misti were standouts, although I'm not sure if they're on the regular menu. Also good were arancini, several pizzas and calamari in tomato sauce. Pizza prices seem about the same, but some of the other dishes are a bit higher. Oh well, maybe it will actually be possible to get a seat now that there's more than five tables. Viva La Buca!


Anonymous said...

This place is incredible, they remember your name, the food has never been bad and mama has to be the best Italian cook in la short of Batali which us average joes cant afford.

Anonymous said...

I love La Buca, but have been going there for years now and considered myself to be a regular -- which is why I'm a little sad I wasn't invited to the opening. Oh well! As you say, at least now maybe you'll be able to get a table.