Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's going on? Mongolian in Silver Lake, restaurant week and more

Sunset Blvd. east of Silver Lake Blvd. is starting to heat up...not surprising, as Rambutan and Pho Cafe are rabidly popular and there's a couple of nearly-vacant mini-malls nearby with plenty of hole-in-the-wall potential. Last week we told you about Andiamo, the Italian restaurant coming to the former Manila Sunset location.
This week we hear Gobi Mongolian Barbecue House restaurant, run by Christina Rivera, is seeking a beer and wine license for 2825-2827 Sunset, in the same two-story complex next to Rambutan.
What's next -- the remodeling of LA Chinese, which may be the scariest restaurant in L.A.? Any other nominations for the scariest restaurant in L.A.? I've got a few in mind, I'll try and post some photos soon.

Hold that coffee craving...according to Metromix via EaterLA, Lamill on Silver Lake Blvd. won't be open until January, and is still hiring baristas.

And L.A. is getting another restaurant week, trying to get in on the buzz that restaurant weeks have in New York and elsewhere. Among the participating restaurants: Angeli, BLD, Grace, Katsuya Hollywood, Luna Park, Roy's, Vermont, Tiara, Warung. Generally, the cheaper places are charging $25 for dinner, while the pricier ones are charging $34, which is probably a good deal for places like Grace. But the usual rap on restaurant weeks is that because you're not ordering off the regular menu, you're not really getting a good representation of the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, the scariest restaurant in L.A. is the Thai place across the street from Torung - Chuam Chin or something? Let's just say my experience there involved (a) multiple cockroaches, and (b) being chased down the road by the angry proprietor when my friend and I got up to leave after the third-or-so roach.

L.A. Chinese Food? Not even close.

Hammy in Training said...

A Challenge for Pat: Pat's Picks for Late Night East Side Eats

Hi Pat. I am think you are the right person to ask about the best places to eat out on the east side after 9pm. My partner and I both get off of work late and end up eating at Koraku way too much.

What are your picks for late night places for dinner? We live in Mt Washington so anything east of downtown is a bonus.

Added challenge: My partner is also a vegetarian that gets IRATE when hungry but he is ok with fish/pork stock in soups. This is a condition I refer to as "hangry."

Anonymous said...

My ex bf and I used to eat at L.A. Chinese Food in 1977 when you could get an entire meal for something like $3.00!
Unfortunately, the meal was pretty nasty then as was the decor and owner's wife (totally charm-free). I live 2 minutes from there now, and drive by in wonder as to how they have survived all these years. There used to be hordes of USC students who ate there...still the case?

Anonymous said...

Andiamo Silver Lake will be a breath of fresh air in this neighborhood. I peaked my head inside the other day and the place looks incredible! If the food is as good as the interior, this place will be a home run.